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The Must-Follow Vlogs Of 2018-19 Are From Kim Dao

Given her fame over the years, it would be safe to conclude that Kim’s vlogs are must-follow vlogs in 2018-19. For sure, her career will go unhurt even in the next many years. A lot of reasons can be accounted for her high following. Partly so, her videos are highly relatable. Kim talks mostly about topics in her videos and/or vlogs that are wide-scoped. She tackles about anything that concerns lifestyle improvement in general.

Harvesting the Rewards
Without a doubt, the following in Kim’s YouTube channel hits overwhelmingly high. People across cultures and all walks of life embrace her style. Why? Because she has got that personality package everyone is looking for. People tend to like her because of her natural charm, honest views and a minimalist principle- the Japanese way of life.

Understanding Kim’s Vlogs
Social media consumers specifically pick her skin care hack vlogs as their common favorite. Kim’s skin care hacks/routine proves to be low-maintenance, satisfying everyone’s dream of a pocket-friendly beautification. If her vlogs do not talk about skin care routines, most of these talk about general life hacks, budgeting tips, cultural connections, etc.

Perhaps, what distinguishes Kim’s vlogs on skin care is the fact that these are patterned to the environment- weather, temperature, humidity. Depending on the weather’s turnabout, Kim Dao shifts from one skin care product to the next. Such knowledge on the best products for her skin vis a vis the weather ultimately elevate her in the ranks. Her command and expertise perhaps makes her one of the most sought beauty gurus in YouTube.

Kim’s vlogs from the many years past up to the present remain to be must-follow vlogs simply because they are all about improving one’s way of life. Philosophy and science lie in her wisdom; these ensure her credibility.

Her must-follow vlogs in 2018-19 include:

  • Girl’s Day in Harajuku and Ikebukuro
  • Cheap Japanese Face Masks
  • My Real In-Flight Skin Care