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Payoneer: Making Online Payments Easy


If you are a company hiring people to work for you like in article writing or other services, your team will most like come from different countries around the world. Though there are many payment options that are also dependable, you may want another system that can speed up the payment process, still can be depended upon while requiring just a minimal fee. That is what payoneer Global Payment Service is promoting.

What is Payoneer Global Payment Service is all about?

Payoneer is a payment service provider that currently serves the marketplace in general and business owners in particular who may want to pay employees in contract to them through the system. It also eases up employees or freelancers to join with the system to make the payment method more effective. So, it works both ways, companies paying to freelancers, while freelancers billing clients.

How will you start?

With a minimum of 5 workers that you send regular payments to, you can register your company. This immediately gives you the access to an account where you can put your funds into with one particular ACH. Through that you can ease up multiple payment and fund transfers to your workers.

For those who have less than 5 employees, the option here is for you to load your Payoneer card manually, but your option of sending money is limited to those who also have a Payoneer card. A Money transfer through local bank is not possible.

Once your card is already loaded, the funds will be available within 2 hours or even less. Your employees or freelancers will then be able to withdraw the amount you have sent to them in an ATM machine or use their card to pay purchases.


This method is a fast and dependable one however there isĀ  limit to the amount of money you load in your card learn more from its sending amount limits.