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Overtime Pay: How Much You’re Really Entitled To Receive

Before becoming an employee, a person usually invests their time and money on studying and paying for their requirements and tuitions for school. Sometimes, they need to get a loan to pay and to fulfill their dreams of obtaining the degree of their choice. It is already anticipated that many of these employees will start at the rank intended for them; however, the problem would often arise when the supposed overtime pay isn’t given to them.

Before anything else, it means that the company has violated the federal law. What are the actions you can take and the information you need to comprehend before taking any steps?

How much are you entitled to receive?

As you would have known, the proposed work time frame for all employees is 8 hours and a total of 40 hours within a single work week. However, as soon as you beyond that 8 hours and have accumulated time doing additional tasks after that period, then it is considered overtime.  How much should you receive? Mr. Panahi’s article shares that you have to be paid at one and a half times or 1.5x of your regulated rate.

What more to uncover your rights as an employee?

According to the article with content revolving around overtime payis capable of introducing the top four laws that can help educate and assist workers get their overtime pay.

  • Time and a half
  • It is probably the simplest and basic rule which indicates workers shall be awarded and is under the California Labor Law and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA. What are the total numbers of hours? The excess of 40 hours within a work week.
  • Double pay
  • If you were allowed to work and exceeded 12 hours within a day, the employer should pay you to double your regular rate.