Introducing Jack Trammell

Jack believes in serving the constituents of the 7th District of Virginia first. That means people – not ideology come first. It also means that people – and not the interests of Washington come first. Virginia’s District 7 deserves a representative that will cross the aisle and do the business of the people. Jack Trammell is the best candidate to be that kind of Representative.

With both an undergraduate and graduate education, he developed a wide range expertise that will aid him in navigating important policy issues in VA7. He firmly believes in hearing from his fellow neighbors about the issues they want addressed in Washington. He is committed to finding a way to ensure their voices are heard.

Jack and his wife Audrie live near Mineral, Virginia. They have a wonderful blended family of seven children.


Jack Trammell will work across the aisle and put the interest of all Virginians first to help solve the serious problems we face.

It has been my privilege to know Jack Trammell as a dedicated church member and friend for 13 years.  Jack has brought his life-long faith to serve our congregation well.  He is a church leader of great insight and wisdom, serving as an elder, deacon, and Bible teacher.  His humble faith has served our church family and God with a spirit of service that is hard to find.
Jack has the rare combination of common sense and scholarship as his work ethic.  As a community leader and potential representative, his temperament and skills are set to serve the seventh Virginia district well.  His close ties to the land, his passion for people, and his insight into tough issues make him the man we need to represent our Old Dominion.  Your support for Jack Trammell is a step to bring our Congress back to be the people’s government again.